Reasons Why Being a Tour Guide Is Fun

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So far, the tour guide profession, better known as tour guide, has not been seen as a profession that is considered cool compared to other professions.

Many say that the tour guide profession is tiring and difficult to do because it has to meet and tell stories to many tourists who have different personalities, languages and cultures.

But, for people who know the benefits and role of travel guide in helping the development of Indonesian tourism, of course all these difficulties will be easily ignored.

Therefore, this article will summarize the benefits of being a tour guide.

Benefits of Being a Tour Guide

  • Definitely Many Tour Guides
  • Deliberately or Not, Becoming a Tour Guide will Add Insights
  • Tour Guide Can Get Lots of Money Easily?
  • Build Relationships with a Tour Guide
  • Participate in Role in Developing Indonesian Tourism

Are you getting ready to become a tour guide?

Benefits of Being a Tour Guide

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  1. Definitely Many Tour Guides

Tour guides are professions that are ideal for people who want to have many friends. Every duty, the tour guide will meet with many tourists who of course have different backgrounds.

Because in carrying out their work the role of the tour guide is not rigid, even can joke with tourists who are being handled, then these tourists often become acquaintances and even friends.

Especially if a tour guide carries out his work sincerely.


  1. Deliberately or Not, Becoming a Tour Guide will Add Insights

A tour guide must have extensive insight. The ability to get along with tourists from different backgrounds is greatly supported by adequate general knowledge. Not only knowledge about tourist destinations or first aid.

Therefore, it is natural that many tourists are amazed by the tour guide who guides them because the tour guide can be invited to chat on any topic.

In addition to the general knowledge learned by a tour guide independently, insights will also continue to grow as the flight hours increase.

It could be that in the middle of the trip, there are tourists who tell about their native area or other topics that might not be known, so that the insight of the tour guide is getting wider and bigger.


  1. Tour Guide Can Get Lots of Money Easily?

This point I deliberately put a question because there are indeed two different perceptions of money that can be obtained by a tour guide.

The first perception, tour guide is considered as an easy and tasty profession when compared to other professions.

When guiding tourists, a tour guide can be considered to be “taking a walk”, even if he is being assigned to guide archipelago tourists abroad, then the tour guide can also take a tour, even while getting paid and tips from tourists.

This is why the profession of tour guides is considered a profession that can make money easily.