Compressor Retair

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Trade Oil – For those who still unfamiliar with Compressor, please allow me to give a slight brief about this machine.  Compressor is a mechanical machine that has functions to compress gas fluid or increase air pressure. Usually Compresor uses a diesel engine or gasoline engine. But, you can also find compressor with electric motor as a driving force. How the compressor works is similar with human lungs. For example, when we breathe in to blow the candle, it gives a pressure to your lungs so you can produce compressed air to exhale back.

Compressor Retair

One of the most known brand that provide this amazing machine is Rotair.

So what is spesification about this compressor retair and the function itself?

Compressor retair has various kind of type and specification. But one of their best is Compressor MDV Line (2000 – 8500 lt/min 71-300 CFM) driven by diesel engine.

Most of the time, for requesting their detail spesification, you can also send the quotation first to the seller or distributor. The prices depend to your quantity of the quotation

But in general, this compressor rotair has some advantages, such as:

1. Wide range of pressure, and you can use dual pressure

2. Easy Access for maintanence

3. Easy to operate with “No key” control panel. You can start the engine simply with one button

4. Manufactured with International standards E.g ( CE, ASMH, DOSH)


For the main feature itself, you can find this machine look modern-well-designed, compact dimensions for handling ease without ignoring its highly performance

using liquid cooling system for its motorization, makes this compressor less noisy. Protection device for cold starting–just in case you need to use this ASAP.

Why you choose rotair?

Among all of the brands that will offer you same specification —or might be some others not as advanced like rotair had–, Rotair has been the best choice for compressor air for over than 40 years. With highly advanced teghnology nowadays, Rotair always maintaining customer satisfaction with keep enhancing and upgrading their product to fulfill your needs.

And moreover, even Compressor Rotair has these amazing features and way more advanced than the others, they commit to keep their mechine as simply as possible. Easy to use, less noisy, and safe.

Its not easy to keep your credibility for more than decades and Rotair keep doing their good work. Even they are approching to their  50 years establishment, Quality control become their priority to keep the value of the product. Even after all these decades, Rotair gives you satisfaction constantly, and consistently.

How much the cost to pruchase this Compressor?

Well, you can find various prices and deals in Internet especially in big marketplace, or contact through their very own website. Approximately, the price range are start from USD 19.500 or Almost  300.000.000 in IDR. But dont worry, you can find best deals with lesser cost with some seller in Indonesia. Just start open your laptop, do some search and lets see which compressor that you’re gonna choose.

But if i were you, i’ll take that Compressor Rotair without second thought. Quality is the priority.